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VMS (Virtual Memory System)

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Few weeks ago, I discovered a free public VMS cluster available for telnet, it’s available on http://deathrow.vistech.net/deathrow.shtml.

If you’re intersted in VMS more, then there is free GPL VMS project going on, FreeVMS. Install it on a Bochs and play with it. It’s a multiboot kernel. I’m going to install it soon.



Mysterious Ratio

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Golden ratio (φ). Also known as divine proportion. I came across it first time, when I was reading Introduction to Algorithms, and there I encountered it in a question based on Fibonacci Series. I thought it was just a normal ratio, but then I’ve encountered it in several topics, e.g. In Algorithms, the authors told that Knuth has recommended this ratio for generating primes, and in Numerical methods of computation too. And more recently, I’ve seen it on Wikipedia, and a website dedicated to it. How is it related to so many real world things…


My BCA Project…

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I’m thinking of what to do for my BCA project. It would be great if my BCA project would be one which I desire to do since a long time:

An Operating System is the thing I’m waiting to do since a long time. The problem I’m having is primary page level allocator. I’ve seen Tim Robinson’s article on memory management which suggests whether to go for bitmap as page allocator or stack as a page allocator. I’ve opted for stack based memory allocator, and is written as a multiboot kernel, the problem is with implementation, dealing with E820 memory map.

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