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Publish multilingual HTML documents on web in UTF-8 encoding

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I want to publish a multilingual HTML document (encoded in UTF-8) on one of my Geocities.com account but due to HTML specifications, I’m unable to publish it. We (me and some of linux-delhi mailing list members) had a discussion on this bug, which is available from http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.user-groups.linux.delhi/12845/focus=12845. In short, the problem is that the Content-Type header specified through <meta> tag in HTML page is not given priority over server’s Content-Type header, which in case of Geocities.com and other HTTP/1.1 compliant webservers default to ISO-8859-1 encoding. So even if your document is encoded in UTF-8, fully tagged according to HTML standards, the compliant HTML web browser will decode it as ISO-8859-1 not UTF-8. This bug is still not resolved.


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