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I’m an Internet Troll

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I’m an internet troll, as pointed out by some members of #ubuntu-in IRC channel at irc.freenode.net. I didn’t know meaning of Troll earlier so just pointed out by a member to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Troll . From there, I’d visited Kevin Klerck, and Brandon Vedas pages. I’m quite depressed with the death of these guys but Kevin Klerck is a bit impressive t00. So tons of thanks to uvynbojbd for that link.

But anyways, no more Internet trolling ⇒ no more #ubuntu-ining, so good bye #ubuntu-in forever ;-).

Post Script. Few weeks back I was banned on this channel, for some reasons which I was not aware of :-( .



  1. i was called that once before and still don’t understand the way some people use the term. i always thought an internet troll was a pervert

    Comment by soul1383 — 20060608 @ 0458

  2. You were banned?? Why? It’s quite friendly channel.

    Comment by Nikhil Prabhakar — 20060703 @ 0244

  3. If they don’t want my presence there, that’s C00L with me ;-)

    Comment by आशीष शुक्ला — 20060703 @ 1128

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