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Last night, I was very much excited about installing Gentoo Linux on my box, as I just freed a 11 GiB on my Seagate ST320413A HDD. So, I downloaded Gentoo Linux Install CD ISO from Prozilla not Bittorent. And then followed the instructions on how to install it from HDD. The installation was quite easy and very well-documented. And good for anyone who wants to try Linux From Scratch. So after downloading and installing the base system, I updated my Portage tree. It took around 2-3 hours to sync on a 128 Kbps connection. After that I download and built a Linux kernel 2.6.16-gentoo-r9, which took around 1 hr. to download and 20-25 minutes to build on my Pentium 4 630 with 1024 MiB DDR2 RAM. After this I downloaded and installed GCC 4.1.1 (which includes downloading and building glibc 2.4 also), which took another 3.5 hours. And after this I started building X11R7.1 (or Xorg 7.1), (around 6:00 PM IST) and it is finished around 10:30 PM, and that too I killed the build explicitly coz it is downloading some more big packages.

So, after building and downloading whole day, I’m confused whether to keep this distro or not, or just install another distro like Debian GNU/Linux or Debian GNU/kFreeBSD. But anyways, this experience is very 0xC000000000000000L and will be 0xC0000000000000000000000000000000L if I’ve a high speed internet connection. But anyways, If you want to learn Linux from scratch, install Gentoo Linux, it will just teach you how to build Linux from Scratch. BtW, Linux From Scratch is recommended, if you wanted to be generic.

Happy emerging… ;-)


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