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Today is Rahul‘s birthday. So I decided to greet him and meet all my friends at one of my favorite places in Delhi, Palam. So, I reached Palam at around 1020 while sleeping 2 hours in the way ;-). And first visited to Dinu‘s place. Dinu‘s health is quite improved now. Then we called Rajan and Rahul at Aman. And there Rahul (and also Rajan ) gave us a nice treat. And Rajan is looking cool, with his new hairstyle. I also met Puneet and Arun. Puneet hasn’t changed much, always smiling. And Arun looks cool, and it is nice to know that he is leaving India within a week or two. So my best wishes for him.

We also visited Satya‘s place, he became quite weak. He is one of my first friends in this school on my re-entry. We (actually only Dinu) also paid a visit to Seema‘s place. But she has gone to college. So Dinu talked to her dad, and taken her (not her, actually her dad’s ;) ) contact no. And then we went to Manish aka Negi‘s place, but he is not available. And finally after roaming for some more time in Palam, we visited our school.

Mahesh भैया recognized us. It is nice to see our school now. They’ve added another floor to the buildings. I felt very sad to know that Ganesh (our school’s watchman) is no more.

But anyways, this is quite memorable moment for us. We also visited our classrooms, where we spent our lives 11 years, fighting, PJing, bunking, getting punishments, and sometimes studying too. ;-)

Hey Mitu Bul, Sumit, Sunny and all our other friends, we missed your prescence there. If you’re reading this and want to be in touch with me or your other friends, we’ve an Orkut community. Contact me and I’ll invite you there.

P.S. Time to have a “Disprin” as I’m having a headache after this tiring and cool journey. Forgive me for grammatical errors. ;-)



  1. Great man… Even i started missing the school…. Good old days…

    Comment by Mitesh — 20060708 @ 1400

  2. Dude, did u noticed that you posted comment on exactly 2 PM ;-).

    Comment by आशीष शुक्ला — 20060708 @ 2354

  3. Good Ashish ,i know that anyone us never forget that beautiful school days, miss u n everyone.

    Comment by Arun — 20060709 @ 0702

  4. Arun, dude u posted at 7:02 AM, time for school ;) . I miss those days :(

    Comment by आशीष शुक्ला — 20060710 @ 2133

  5. Nice to see u pen down all ur experience and memories we have
    of our wonderful and unforgetable school days, why don’t u
    write any book on our school days.
    . keep the good work going ………

    Comment by Sunny — 20060820 @ 1533

  6. […] nearly half a decade, I visited Palam again. I wanted to take this trip a bit early, for a special reason, but my laziness preëmpted it, and […]

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