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GCC architecture specific preprocessor defines

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Want to write architecture specific code in C language, precisely for GCC, and doesn’t how to separate architecture specific code, hmmm… Below is the hint:

[abbe@chateau-d-lf: ~]$ echo | gcc -E -dM -

It will list all the preprocessor defines defined by your GCC. So, you’ve to just figure out your target architecture’s preprocessor define. To compile code for 32 bit architecture from a non 32-bit architecture (say, a 64bit architecture, or a 128-bit architecure :) ), use -m32 switch of GCC. Here is the corresponding thread from gnu.gcc.help USENET group.



  1. Thank u a ton much… now there is hope :) seeing the path clear…

    Comment by ronybc — 20110613 @ 1039

    • Good to know that it was helpful. You’ve a nice site, keep it up :-)

      Comment by Ashish — 20130407 @ 0614

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