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india Sucks :-)

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Note: Due to technical reasons first letter of the title is upper case. :-(

After the censorship of Internet in india, I’m quite disappointed with this country. This country is a good example of dictatorship behind democracy. Though Gautam, told me couple of times to leave this country, but I never took him that serious. But this time I’m very serious, and will try hard to leave this shit place. But I think it is quite good step from india, that is to expose itself, and to break the myth that it is world largest democracy.


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  1. dUDE I AGREE WITH YOU COMPLETELY. tHIS COUNTRY SUX BALLS. I mean i got my education from abroad but my school tricked into a piece of shit CBSE degree and i had to come down to this cunt to complete my grad cause no other country accepts the dogshit CBSE degree. I am spending the worst part of my life in hell hole. I had to repeat my first year cause the muthafuckin rai university i was into got closed cause its owner was a faggot cocksucka. There are power cuts for hours no water and the place stinks. Finally i hv decided to leave studies and join my dads biz. This is how bad this big pile of dogshit ountry is. get the fuck out man. Do yourself justice. People like us dont deserve it here. Only the regular cocksuckers that live here do.

    Comment by Andy9590 — 20060813 @ 0101

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