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smart package manager

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Being a Fedora Core user, I’ve to use yum for installation, updation of software. yum is a cool package manager but it is quite irritating for me. Why ? Whenever you start yum, it implicitly checks for updates in repositories everytime you run it. That’s quite irritating if you’re on a low speed connection. I’ve used Ubuntu for some time, and used apt there. apt was my favorite package management tool, as you need to explicitly update repositories, but it is not supported very well on Fedora systems, as it need different style of repository (if I’m not mistaken).

And now few weeks back, when I was browsing Fedora Extras, I’ve seen this package manager, named smart . smart is a really smart package management system. It can connect to different kind of repositories. Currently, I’ve tried only rpm-md repositories (aka yum repositories aka RPM meta-data repositories). So, no more yumming only smarting. Its configuration is quite easy. If you’re lazy (or dumb) when it comes to editing configuration files, you can also configure it on command line ;-) . It is able to download simultaneous 2-3 files. And there is not much difference in installing packages via smart, apt-get, or yum.To install package, do :

smart install package

To remove package, do:

smart remove package

To upgrade package, do:

smart upgrade package

To reinstall a package, do:

smart reinstall package

It is currently in beta testing, but I never experienced any problems with it. Happy smarting.


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