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FreeDel 2006

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FreeDel is one of those favorite events which are closed to my heart. And this year it was special for couple of reasons:

  1. One of my uncle also attended it as they’re migrating their IT infrastructure from properietary world to free software world.
  2. Meeting for first time geeks like सत्यकाम जी, nipra aka निखिल प्रभाकर, Rocky Bhai aka गौरव मिश्रा, उत्सव Handa (the dude who installed FC5 on lappy), Sayamindu (the GStreamer dude), आशीष नेगी (whom I used to meet yearly on every FreeDel ;-) ) etc.
  3. I experienced 2 Mbps connectivity to Internet for the first time in my life :-D. And hey, I downloaded updates of size 637 MiB ;-)
  4. Sayamindu demonstrated how we can capture audio/video from a shell script using gst-* tools.
  5. आभास (the deeproot.in dude) demonstrated their cool deepOfix distro (its under GNU GPL) and also talked about the NRCFOSS initiative (this one is really great effort).

For those who’ve not attended, presentations are available on FreeDel website.

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