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Multicasting audio with VLC

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Well, right now I’m leaving for Bangalore. So before leaving I think I should describe my today’s adventure with multicasting audio in local network via VLC. There is an internet radio station that plays cool oldies (of 50s 60s etc.) named MadhurSangeet.com. The problem I’ve is it supports only 15 clients (as of today). So, if multiple users (of my network) all stream individually, also waste the bandwidth of my connection and also the server’s connection. So I thought if I connect one of my computer to the MadhurSangeet.com and can then multicast that stream in rest of my network.

Now, what software shall I use ? First thing that came into my mind is IceCast, but looking into its docs, I’ve found that it doesn’t support multicasting. So then I decided to checkout VLC also. Seeing into docs, I found it supports multicasting. :)

Then I downloaded VLC from Ubuntu repositories, and started it. And then in the Open Network Stream dialog box I found this option Stream output. So there I opted for streaming to an multicast IP address. And then clicked on OK button and it started streaming.

So, after this I download VLC at other clients (in my network) also and gave the chosen multicast IP address and port in Open Network Stream dialog box there. And it worked :).

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