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Anonymizing with The Onion Router

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Well last night, I tried tor (in combination with privoxy). As I’m on Fedora Core 5 AMD64 architecture and there is no prebuilt package available for my platform, so I downloaded its source tarball. Fortunately, it contains tor.spec (which is required for building RPMs). So I tried rpmbuilding on tor.spec but unfortunately that failed. So I hacked my own tor.spec file. In order to build tor using this file, make sure you’ve rpmdevtools package. rpmdevtools will assist you in building RPMs in non-superuser mode. If you’re using rpmdevtools, use rpmdev-setuptree to setup a build tree for you at ~/rpmbuild location. Now, download tor.spec file in {rpmbuild-root}/SPECS. And download tor- from http://tor.eff.org/ into {rpmbuild-root}/SOURCES. Now start build with rpmbuild -bb {rpmbuild-root}/SPECS/tor.spec. This will result in tor*-{architecture}.rpm built in {rpmbuild-root}/RPMS/{architecture} directory. Now, since you’ve RPMs you know what to do ;-). After installing tor you can start it with sudo torctl start. You also need to install Privoxy. It is available as an rpm in FC5. For more details, refer to tor docs.

Why do we need an anonymizer ? Good question, I hope this page will answer you.


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