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My PGP Key – II

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My previous PGP key (ID: 0xA03F4261) is no more. :-(. It expired yesterday, and before I extend its lifetime, I accidentally did rm -rf .gnupg. So, from today I’m using a new PGP key (with no expiry date). Following are the details:

PGP Key ID: 0x1F2F8410762E5E74
PGP Key Fingerprint: 1E00 4679 77E4 F8EE 2E4B 56F2 1F2F 8410 762E 5E74
Public Key: http://keyserv.nic-se.se:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x1F2F8410762E5E74


OpenDNS for faster domain name resolution

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I just discovered a cool service named OpenDNS. OpenDNS provides a free domain name resolution server. The domain name resolution is quite fast and with no noticeable latency. They also provide a phishing filter, where phishing sites were blocked at the time of domain name resolution, and typo-correction.

Fishing G00GL3

So, why not try it.

gbye Gaim

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Well, I recently stopped using Gaim, as I realized that I’m not using any other IM technologies except Jabber (well I’m also using IRC but not on Gaim), so why carry a Swiss Army Knife. So, for Jabber, I’m using Gajim (Gaim with a j in the middle). It is available as an RPM from Fedora Extras. It supports Gmail notification, and couple of other extensions to XMPP protocol like Multi-user chat etc., XML console and many more (which I’ve not encountered yet) in addition to core XMPP protocol.


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Last fortnight, I created an SRPM for Exaile to Z0D. Exaile is a cool amaroK like media player for GNOME. It is written in Python. It also supports my now favorite last.fm track submission. Anyways, you can download the SRPM from http://wahjava.googlepages.com/exaile-0.2.5b-1.src.rpm (md5sum50d2a83185b0173ba24eec81efc8b9bf). Happy Exaileing


Free and Open Source Java

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Sun Microsystems Inc. is planning to release complete Java stack (including Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Mobile Edition) under GPLv2 license. For more information, refer to Free and Open Source Java.

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