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OpenDNS for faster domain name resolution

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I just discovered a cool service named OpenDNS. OpenDNS provides a free domain name resolution server. The domain name resolution is quite fast and with no noticeable latency. They also provide a phishing filter, where phishing sites were blocked at the time of domain name resolution, and typo-correction.

Fishing G00GL3

So, why not try it.


  1. I use it at home (configged the firewall to use their DNS exclusively) and also at work as a backup when our DNS servers crap out.

    Comment by junior — 20061123 @ 0909

  2. I am behind an HTTP proxy at school. We have a Class B 152.226.*.* network with a private
    DNS server. Will I still be able to use OpenDNS?

    Comment by Edwin Jose Palathinkal — 20061126 @ 1023

  3. That depends on the HTTP Proxy, i.e. whether it supports proxying connections for port 53. And also, have you ever seen any DNS server, which accepts a “proxy” parameter. BtW, whenever you visit any website via a proxy (say a HTTP proxy), your computer usually doesn’t resolve the domain name, it simply sends a HTTP CONNECT request for your “website.tld:80” (i.e. make a connection to “website.tld”‘s TCP port 80) and then proxy server resolves “website.tld”. And since you’re on HTTP proxy, why not ask your DNS admin to forward DNS queries to OpenDNS domain name servers, instead of forwarding DNS queries to ISP’s domain name servers.

    Hope you got the answer.
    Ashish Shukla

    Comment by आशीष शुक्ल — 20061126 @ 1154

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