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0install rocks

Filed under: Experiences — abbe @ 2019

I just tried this great application named 0install, a cool way to deploy apps. No need to su, just a DnD, it will automatically download all dependencies and start the app. If I’m not mistaken, when I was living in properietary software world, there was a similar technology named ClickOnce introduced in .NET Framework 2.0 by Microsoft. Well there is similar technology for Java also, known as Java Web Start.

Anyways, I just installed zeroinstall-injector package from Fedora Extras repository. And then created a launcher for 0install on my xfce4-panel. And now, from this 0installable software directory, I’ve chosen MiniClock to install, just DnDed its Zero install feed on the recently created 0launch launcher. Then it prompted me to trust GPG keys of the software maintainer (for security reasons), and after this it downloaded the dependency and I’m running MiniClock.

Now, to create a shortcut, I’ve to do: 0alias mini-clock http://rox4debian.berlios.de/0install/MiniClock.xml. This will create a shell (/bin/sh) script named mini-clock in ~/bin directory, which will launch the application. Isn’t it cool :)



  1. You don’t need to create a special launcher for Zero Install: Xfce (4.4) already supports it!

    1. Bring up the menu over a launcher icon.
    2. Choose Properties.
    3. Drag feed link from web browser onto the list of apps for that launcher.

    Comment by Thomas — 20070205 @ 1920

  2. Thanks for making me aware of this.

    Comment by आशीष शुक्ल — 20070205 @ 2026

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