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Never run DNS caching server on a dynamic IP connection…

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This is what I concluded, after trying to figure out, why I’m not able to view http://www.webrachna.com/ whereas other users are able to. Since I’m running pdns_recursor (a resolving DNS server) which uses root nameservers for domain name resolution. After doing traceroutes, tcptraceroutes, digs to http://www.webrachna.com/‘s DNS servers from multiple IPv4 addreses, I concluded that their DNS DNS server is responding to digs from all IPv4 addreses except mine. I thought they’re doing some kind of filtering for my address, but I didn’t know the base of filtering. But after a 10-20 minute chat with sandipb where he suggested that it might be due to use of DNSBL by DNS servers. But how ? How can I be so sure that its DNSBL not DenyHosts. Too many lists to checkout…. But I’m soon going to figure it out…


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  1. […] BtW, is one of the nameserver of webrachna.com, which I was investigating in this post. […]

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