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/me traced again

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/me traced again
After this, I traced again my photo, but this time a current one :). Following is the link to the SVG source for vector graphics fans, scale me as much as you can :)




  1. Couldn’t you just use the SVG in your page (with PNG fallback), as except for people still using IE, everybody has SVG support in its browser nowadays. Or is wordpress the limiting factor here? If so send a request to wordpress

    Comment by stelt — 20071025 @ 0122

  2. Which tag should I use for SVGs, IMG, hmm… Firefox (stable) doesn’t support blurring in SVGs, nor Konqueror (stable) supports blurring in SVGs, that’s why I’ve not provided that. IE, what’s that :P . As far as WP is concerned, if IMG is the correct tag, WP! supports it, if it’s something different then I’m not sure.

    Comment by आशीष शुक्ल — 20071025 @ 0156

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