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if (USENET != SPAM) {

USENET is one of my favorite services on Internet. I’d my first NNTP access to a newsgroup around 2000 AD and subscribed to some newsgroup in microsoft.public.* hierarchy via nntp://msnews.microsoft.com. That time I was a Microsoft fanboy, using Outlook Express, quite new to Internet, and was unable to find any free NNTP posting hosts. Unable to find alt.* or comp.* hierarchy, I started reading USENET via Deja News, and found it really cool, and worth the time and money. Anyways USENET still rocks.

And now, with the help of dmoz, I’m able to find out couple of public USENET NNTP servers which allow free posting. So I’m on USENET over NNTP. With some research I also figured that one can easily setup a USENET server. Provided he/she needs to have enough bandwidth, good administration capabilities (this I’m not sure as I never got any chance to administer any NNTP server, but just heard from few of USENET server admins). The USENET peerings are available for free. There’re couple of hosts ready to peer with you for free, including sharing of alt.binaries.* hierarchy. I’m running an instance of Leafnode, though soon I’ll install Inn, when I find some time. To find which NNTP servers I use, you can trace path of any of my USENET posting. So what’re you waiting for get, set, and USENET :) .

P.S. BtW, Gmane is not part of USENET.


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