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Wanna seek pleasure in confinement

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SELinux is the way to go, if you wanna seek pleasure in confinement ;). SELinux is a real cool thing, which gives you the power to confine applications on your desktop. Its always one of my fantasies to have a system, where software only does what it is supposed to do. And SELinux is one such system, where you’ve to precisely define what all an application requires (i.e. its specification), e.g. if it needs to output something on user’s console, it needs write access to user’s (t|p)ty*, etc. Since December, 2007, I’m practicing confinement using SELinux on my Gentoo Hardened box running standard SELinux policy from refpolicy20071214 sources. And I’ve also started a SELinux policies project named sepolicies to host my SELinux policies. Currently the project has SELinux policies for 4 applications, namely backuppc, ctrlproxy, gw6c, and pdnsd. Anyone interested in contributing to SELinux policies can communicate with me. I’m abbe on #selinux in irc.freenode.net. Anyways, happy confinement :)


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