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bitlbee 1.2.3 and OTR support

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Just finished integrating OTR support code from bitlbee-otr into bitlbee-1.2.3, and is available as bitlbee-otr-1.2.3.tar.bz2 (md5sum: ff355f4e2a5d664f474fb2b4551e763d). I will also post this to the original maintainer of bitlbee-otr branch, and ofcourse it’ll be available in FreeBSD too, in the bitlbee-otr PR 126208, which I submitted few days ago. Anyways, happy instant messaging OTR…:)



  1. Are you going to maintain this along with new bitlbee releases in case this isn’t going to make it upstream anytime soon?



    Comment by David Spreen — 20081021 @ 2321

  2. also, did you file a bug against upstream otr? the argument against including this has been that the otr branch is too outdated.



    Comment by David Spreen — 20081021 @ 2323

  3. I’ll try my best to maintain this stuff, but won’t be able to add any new features, since I’ve not gone through libotr API.

    Comment by आशीष शुक्ल — 20081021 @ 2332

  4. You mean the original author of bitlbee-otr ? Yes, I’ve mailed him about this thing, but I’ve not received any reply from him.

    Comment by आशीष शुक्ल — 20081021 @ 2334

  5. i’ve integrated your work into my branch. thanks!

    Comment by pesco — 20090313 @ 1859

  6. Thanks I’m honoured.

    Comment by abbe — 20090313 @ 2036

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