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BitlBee OTR 1.2.6a released

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Just finished integrating OTR support code from bitlbee-otr into bitlbee-1.2.6, and is available as bitlbee-otr-1.2.6a.tar.bz2 (sha256sum: ab8bb786fcd34f87c4b8056b3786d896ee7aeae7fc21d09a49d3be920891c135, md5sum: 3419f352a8dfc06b1bd1954ddeb9ee34). The corresponding FreeBSD PR is ports/145911. The tarball can be downloaded from:

Thanks to SourceForge and Veniamin (aka zloidemon) for hosting the tarball.



  1. cool. Thank you very much!


    Comment by toph — 20100421 @ 1722

  2. Thanks toph, this release is dedicated to thou.

    Comment by abbe — 20100421 @ 1725

  3. Thanks for this, but I had some problems with the package. It compiled okay, but when i tried to start otr conversations the bitlbee server died quietly. Generating keys and launching the help was no problem at all… anyway, the new 1.2.7 version of bitlbee got released yesterday so i will update to this version now, 1.2.6a seemed to have some problems with msn. I will keep checking back to your site if you implement the otr code to the new version =). Thanks for your work, amgits.

    Comment by amgits — 20100516 @ 2122

  4. amgits,

    Thanks for the notifying. I’ll update to the new version.

    Comment by abbe — 20100516 @ 2206

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