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BitlBee OTR 1.2.7 Released

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Just finished integrating OTR support code from bitlbee-otr into bitlbee-1.2.7, and is available as bitlbee-otr-1.2.7.tar.bz2 (sha256sum: 2cb8817e98e5ac40dda1f3e8c7a76ae1ed421c265c85e2455c4f3080b9e99982, md5sum: 063d849c4011c599c4980eda87f0e0b4). PR for FreeBSD port needs to be submitted. The tarball can be downloaded from:

Thanks to SourceForge and Veniamin (aka zloidemon) for hosting the tarball.

UPDATE: The corresponding FreeBSD PR is ports/146666.



  1. Thank you very much again!

    Comment by toph — 20100517 @ 1444

  2. Whee that was fast, man. Ill check it out when I find some time here at work…

    Comment by amgits — 20100517 @ 1447

  3. OMFG, you guys are so fast :)


    Comment by abbe — 20100517 @ 1454

  4. by the way..

    I wonder why we do not get OTR upstream..

    Comment by toph — 20100517 @ 1619

  5. oh and they are writing a lot of code atm. reworking irc code and stuff. OTR doesn’t seem even to be considered :(

    Comment by toph — 20100615 @ 1934

  6. AFAICS, on the bug report[1], there are plans to maintain the code :) .

    [1] – http://bugs.bitlbee.org/bitlbee/ticket/115#comment:68

    Comment by abbe — 20100615 @ 1938

    • thank you for that quick response! Sometimes my bitlbee (1.2.7+otr) crashes when my chat partner reinstalls his IM Client (it’s a miranda fusion with otr plugin from miranda using icq). Have you seen those problems by any chance?

      Comment by toph — 20100615 @ 2116

  7. It’s 1.2.8 time :)

    hope they are getting the otr stuff upstream sometime soon


    Comment by toph — 20100705 @ 0055

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