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BitlBee OTR 1.2.8 Released

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Just finished integrating OTR support code from bitlbee-otr into bitlbee-1.2.8, and is available as bitlbee-otr-1.2.8.tar.bz2 (sha256sum: f09a88be7d995a0cc489ee9bea4ac49dc326c1b2e9396a8e7cc886b3894883a3 , md5sum: 1273e7861f393473c5060f5ec5d6c214). PR for FreeBSD port is not needed anymore. The tarball can be downloaded from:

Thanks to SourceForge and Veniamin (aka zloidemon) for hosting the tarball.

UPDATE: FreeBSD port irc/bitlbee-otr is updated.



  1. Noticed the source provided on your blog doesn’t match that in your github repo. Particuarly irc.c doesn’t have any mention of OTR in it.

    Comment by Patrick R McDonald — 20100714 @ 0623

    • Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for embarassing me on my blog. I appreciate it :).


      P.S. Did you looked in the ‘master’ branch ?

      Comment by abbe — 20100714 @ 1020

  2. OTR went upstream with bitlbee 3.0.

    Unfortunately there still is a bug in it that cought users from time to time through multiple versions of the OTR patch aswell. Ticket with strace and gdb log is here http://bugs.bitlbee.org/bitlbee/ticket/694

    Thank you for the bitlbe-otr versions :)

    Comment by tittof — 20101026 @ 1221

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