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ERC + ctrlproxy

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Following is the Emacs LISP code, I hacked for ERC to use ctrlproxy:

(defun setup-ctrlproxy()
  "Setup Emacs for using ctrlproxy"

  ;; socks.el is part of GNU Emacs 23
  (require 'socks)
  (setq socks-noproxy '("localhost"))
  (setq socks-override-functions 1)
  (setq erc-server-connect-function 'socks-open-network-stream)

  (setq socks-password "password")
  ;; ctrlproxy exposes itself a SOCKS 5 proxy
  (setq socks-server '("ctrlproxy" "localhost" "6680" 5)))

Now, whenever I want to connect to IRC (using ERC) via ctrlproxy, I simply do M-x setup-ctrlproxy which make ERC aware of ctrlproxy, then M-x erc to start ERC and at the IRC Server prompt I enter the name of the ctrlproxy network I want to connect to. Thats it. Happy, Emacsing… :)


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