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Wanna measure latencies to different servers via ICMP

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abbe@chateau ~/bin $ cat measure-latencies.sh
# Author: Ashish Shukla 

SIXXS_SERVERS="nlams01 iedub01 nlams04 simbx01 deham01 bebru01 ptlis01 sesto01 noosl01 usewr01 usqas01 usbos01 gblon02 plwaw01 uschi02 chzrh01 dedus01"

for server in ${SIXXS_SERVERS}; do
	echo ${server}.sixxs.net = `ping -n -c4 ${server}.sixxs.net 2>/dev/null |awk '/^rtt min/ { print $4 }' |awk -F/ '{ print $2 }'`ms
abbe@chateau ~/bin $ ./measure-latencies.sh 
nlams01.sixxs.net = 353.104ms
iedub01.sixxs.net = 327.646ms
nlams04.sixxs.net = 483.722ms
simbx01.sixxs.net = 279.078ms
deham01.sixxs.net = 358.541ms
bebru01.sixxs.net = 347.362ms
ptlis01.sixxs.net = 346.989ms
sesto01.sixxs.net = 331.026ms
noosl01.sixxs.net = 346.034ms
usewr01.sixxs.net = 349.687ms
usqas01.sixxs.net = 345.009ms
usbos01.sixxs.net = 315.370ms
gblon02.sixxs.net = 359.834ms
plwaw01.sixxs.net = 352.248ms
uschi02.sixxs.net = 361.986ms
chzrh01.sixxs.net = 448.864ms
dedus01.sixxs.net = 321.748ms

I’ve hacked above bash script to measure latencies between my box and SiXXS PoPs. Hope this useful to you while deciding which PoP to use. Anyways, happy IPv6ing…:)

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