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Pencil on FreeBSD

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Someone recently mentioned to me about using a proprietary GUI mockup tool, which reminded me I’ve to port Pencil to FreeBSD. So I’ve submitted a PR for the port. Happy sketching GUIs…;)


bitlbee 1.2.3 and OTR support

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Just finished integrating OTR support code from bitlbee-otr into bitlbee-1.2.3, and is available as bitlbee-otr-1.2.3.tar.bz2 (md5sum: ff355f4e2a5d664f474fb2b4551e763d). I will also post this to the original maintainer of bitlbee-otr branch, and ofcourse it’ll be available in FreeBSD too, in the bitlbee-otr PR 126208, which I submitted few days ago. Anyways, happy instant messaging OTR…:)


irc/bitlbee with OTR support

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I added OTR support to irc/bitlbee port in FreeBSD, after I came across bitlbee-otr (thanks to viyyer). To try it, refer to its PR, as it is not committed yet.


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Now, I can communicate securely over IRC using FiSH, available in FreeBSD for irssi as irc/irssi-fish. But whom do I communicate with ?


Hotwire shell on FreeBSD

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Interested in trying out Hotwire Shell (actually hypershell) on FreeBSD, checkout x11/hotwire-shell. Happy hacking…:)


freenet6 on Fedora 7

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4-5 days ago, I’ve packaged go6‘s IPv6 tunnelling client for Fedora 7. Due to bug# 374521, I’m not able to boot into Fedora 8 so no Fedora 8 stuff here. So for Fedora 8 rpmbuild a rpm yourself. I’ve packaged only for AMD64 architecture, as I exclusively use AMD64 architecture. For other architectures, rpmbuild a rpm yourself :).

freenet6-5.1b4-2fc7.x86_64.rpmFreenet6 client rpm (AMD64) – md5sum: 461aec7068293feef71e6bc12284c60894 KiB
freenet6-5.1b4-2fc7.src.rpmFreenet6 client srpmmd5sum: 590548baa4a29b9f14dc407d01ea1d631.8 MiB

All of the above downloads are signed with GPG key id: 0x10F28410762E5E74. You don’t require any root access to build RPMs and there’re only two dependencies, namely gcc and kernel-headers. After installing, it’ll install a service named freenet6, which is on by default. Without any changes to default configuration, it’ll try to create an anonymous tunnel to IPv6. The IPv6 address allocated to the tunnel will be dynamic. So if you prefer static IPv6 address register for an account. And enter the details in /etc/freenet6/gw6c.conf. There are no. of configuration options available like running in router mode (i.e. you’ll be delegated a /64 or /48 prefix instead of default /128, which will be advertised into your network using radvd (you’ll require radvd package), so your other IPv6 devices in the network, can stateless autoconfigure themselves), setting reverse delegation DNS servers, etc.

Known Issues. The only issues I’ve found is with SELinux AVC denials, which is due to no policy being written for the daemon. You don’t need to disable SELinux in order to run this. Writing a policy for it is not difficult, I would’ve written if I was running in Fedora 8. BtW, the version of software which is packaged is in BETA. Anyways, happy IPv6ing…;)


Mugshot in FreeBSD

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Mugshot in FreeBSD

Well, I’ve just finished porting Mugshot to FreeBSD. If you’re interested in trying out, you can download the shar of this port’s tree (md5sum: 7c2f123ca4fce0b7689454b496605081) or refer to the FreeBSD PR ports/107174.

Merry Christmas :)

UPDATE: shar available at ports/107174 is not the latest shar.

UPDATE: Mugshot has been committed and available at net/mugshot in FreeBSD ports tree. To install do: cd /usr/ports/net/mugshot/ && make install clean


/ME became a FreeBSD port maintainer

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:D Yippee!! :D, finally my 2 (out of 4) ports are committed in the FreeBSD ports tree :). Actually, I submitted 4 ports, out of which only 2 are committed. The committed ports are x11/libxcb, and x11/xcb-proto.


/ME ports XCB

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I’ve ported XCB to FreeBSD. So if you want to try XCB on FreeBSD 6.1 grab them. If they approve it you can get it from ports. It is a quite learning experience for me like how to fix things in others source code and exporting them as patches. I’m now quite happy :-) :-D :-) :-D

Oops :-(, I’ve made a mistake (in excitement) by not giving proper subject in PRs.

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